L’Archicembalo’s Vivaldi CD


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Vivaldi’s writing could not be more “democratic” than in his Concerti and Sinfonie for strings and continuo, where all the instruments enjoy a pretty egalitarian treatment, quite differently from his better-known pyrotechnics for solo violin and orchestra.

L’Archicembalo’s Vivaldi CD, which came out last year, is the first instalment of a ground-breaking effort to complete this yet rarely recorded body of work for Tactus, an independent specialist label distributed by Naxos Group. It is the perfect fit for the Venetian master.

This recording, which is available worldwide, has been hailed as “exhilarating” by music critics and it dazzles with a new kind of Vivaldian “cantabilità” and clarity of sound, one that stems from the homogeneous fusion of the different instrumental timbres, where the soprano voice of the four violins does not prevail but amalgamates into the whole.

L’Archicembalo’s selection is unique since it highlights the different treatment Vivaldi can give to the same key (four of the featured concertos are in G minor, for instance).

As with those true, amazing Vivaldi musical progressions, whereby you always know it is him and nobody else, L’Archicembalo’s sound, panache and depth of musical thought are immediately recognizable. Their very personal contribution to the Vivaldi oeuvre is a great discovery and will be here for years to come.

“Electrifying…you must hear it” – SWR (Südwestrundfunk)
“Such a beautiful recording” – Radio Classica (Stravaganze barocche broadcast)

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